About Us

Why to specialise in just one product if you’ve mastered them all?…

Nela was established in 1993 to serve Premium and A+ clients with high quality expectations. It is a family owned private business, producing constructed - tailored and casual woven garments for both ladies and menswear.

We are proud to work with a highly skilled team possessing a deep technical knowledge. Nela specialises in difficult & clean finishings, different pattern shapes and complex styles, knowing that this precious artisan level of craftmanship is much demanded among quality focused clients.

Besides of the tailored and non-constructed item range we are also professionals on realising garment washed and garment dyed casual items but with very good shapes and valuable details.

We are strong in fabric sourcing and are able to import fabrics from all over the world. Our main source are Turkish and Italian fabric mills but we do import fabrics & trims from any nominated supplier. We can mix wool fabrics with denim, flat knit, fur, real or fake leather and even with jersey fabrics. This flexibility and our ability to produce Ladies and Mens bottoms, tops and outerwear items together with the same and constant focus over the quality is one of the key points that separates us from the rest of the market.

The difference is visible in all NELA products…

We have a strong sampling room and pattern team, are using an Assyst 2013 CAD system and are developping our own patterns but we are also able to receive client's patterns per e-mail . All production steps are finished in-house. We have our own production facility, around 5000 SQM in Istanbul and a second factory in mid Anatolia which is specialised in producing bottoms and tops in larger quantities (2.000pcs per style and up).